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Launched at Le Mans in 2021, 8six400 is the first sustainable motorsport apparel brand. 

8six400’s partnership with Genesys Andretti United Extreme E will demonstrate and deliver a complete collection of teamwear and merchandise crafted from recycled and organic cotton. 

With motorsport heading into a more sustainable future, an apparel brand that encompasses the passion of racing and the environment is a compelling story. 

8six400 has two stories to tell: the first being the the brand name.. .there are 86400 seconds in 24hrs. Hence, Every Second Counts. In racing terms, this of course matters. From preparation before, to the race itself and even after. A second lost or gained can mean the difference between winning and losing. The company’s second story is with an environmental focus.

Company owner Peter Hall commented:  "We are delighted and privileged to be aligned to a prominent, respected motorsport name, Andretti United. The partnership with Genesys Andretti United on the Extreme E platform, confronting and tackling environmental issues, perfectly aligns with our values at 8six400 where sustainable choices come first. We look forward to the forthcoming 2022 season, bringing a full collection of sustainably made team wear and merchandise that captures the brand’s edge but also speaks to our shared values."

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